GridPoint Customer Engagement Platform

The GridPoint Customer Engagement Platform is a software-based dashboard with tools for utilities to extend customer relationships and engage customers in utility energy efficiency programs, while satisfying business objectives for all parties. GridPoint has demonstrated expertise in rapidly integrating our software with utility back-office systems, including billing and meter data management systems, to provide energy insights to customers. Leveraging this information, utilities are able to drive energy efficiency and peak load reduction in a measurable, verifiable manner.


Energy Dashboard

The dashboard allows both commercial and residential customers to see the impact of different energy usage choices over time, providing insight into their unique energy profile, including energy consumption, predicted energy usage, savings achieved, and carbon impact. Customers can also compare their usage patterns with similar consumers.

Dynamic Tools and Alerts

GridPoint pulls in an array of data, including customer consumption data, billing rate, historical billing data and weather forecasts, to provide individualized location energy savings advice. Rate plan and energy modeling tools allow customers to set goals, and receive alerts and notifications to track their progress. Bill payment and device control (i.e. thermostats and home automation network (HAN) devices) can be conveniently managed online.

Ease of Integration

Designed to be modular, scalable, and extensible, this enterprise-class technology provides a shared foundation for software applications, creating a common point for integration, asset provisioning, and real-time management. Energy management software tools easily integrate third party in-location devices and thermostats.


Increased energy efficiency

Informed customers are able to modify their behavior to improve energy efficiency – reducing consumption and making choices that benefit the bottom line, as well as the environment. Our platform provides tools, tips, and communication channels for utilities to educate and reinforce ongoing energy efficiency as appropriate to their various customer segments.

Reduced peak demand

Using the interactive tools, utilities can easily notify customers during peak periods, illustrate the financial benefit of shifting consumption to non-peak period rate plans, and measure peak load reduction results.


Improved customer satisfaction

Communicating billing and usage information in ways that are relevant, visual, and easily understood improves consumer satisfaction and reduces inbound call volume. Clear explanations and real-time access to meaningful tips reduce consumer confusion and frustration.


Established path to future engagements

Because the solution is platform-based and modular, implementing additional applications, including AMI-enabled HAN and in-home energy devices, advanced energy management and sub-metering for commercial customers, electric vehicle management, and distributed renewable generation is easy and cost effective.