GridPoint Load and Storage Management


The GridPoint Load Management application offers robust methods of managing peak demand and shaping load throughout a utility’s transmission and distribution system (T&D), ensuring system reliability and allowing the utility to avoid peak energy prices and defer investments in new power plants.

GridPoint’s sophisticated Storage Management software provides either isolated or aggregated real-time control over the capture and dispatch of energy by storage assets located anywhere in a utility’s T&D system.



Manage Peak Demand and Shape Load

Plan for peak demand by forecasting the likely accessibility of controllable load. View by asset class, location, and historical participation using sophisticated forecasting algorithms.

Automate Load Shedding

Schedule load shedding events based on predicted energy demands to ensure balanced and consistent service for your customers.

Guarantee Load and Storage Levels

Assess current storage levels using advanced measurement and verification tools.


Initiate peak demand strategies easily

Accurately measure, verify and recruit participants in demand response or similar programs, to meet reduction targets. Execute system-wide or location-specific events to avoid expensive wholesale energy purchases and peak-period stress.

Improve planning capabilities

Automatically create load management events using input from energy management and other relevant utility systems.

Optimize grid management

Dispatch stored energy using a variety of parameters and modes to relieve pressure or flatten demand, deferring expensive T&D expansion.

Ensure T&D system reliability and efficiency

Reduce system congestion, without impacting customers, by dispatching stored energy during peak demand periods.