GridPoint Solar Energy Systems

GridPoint solar energy systems are customized to maximize return on investment for each business. From start to finish our solar experts ensure every project is executed to optimize energy production opportunities and financial investment. Our comprehensive solar energy systems provide start-to-finish ease of execution, including:

  Design and Engineering
  Comprehensive system design packages that detail every aspect of your system construction, from structural roof analysis and utility interconnection guidelines, to code and permitting compliance
Procurement, Installation, and Project Management
  Management of procurement, system installation, city or state inspections fulfillment, and system commissioning and interconnection
  Monitor single or multiple solar energy systems from a central, intuitive web-based software platform with real-time data visualization and site performance assessments

GridPoint Differentiators

GridPoint has installed more than 1,200 uniquely designed solar energy systems, giving you confidence that we will deliver the optimal solution for your business’ needs.


GridPoint offers solar energy systems that you can count on to perform at peak efficiency for the lifetime of the system.

Competitive Pricing

GridPoint has established relationships with industry-leading manufacturers, assuring our customers access to the most competitive pricing and the promise of vendor neutrality.



Hedge against rising electric rates

Protect against volatile energy rate increases with a solar energy system that can produce power for 25 years or more.

Take advantage of money-saving incentives

Save money by acting on incentives such as federal and state tax credits, and utility rebates that can pay up to 50-80% of the solar energy system cost in some cases.

Meet corporate sustainability goals

Achieve corporate sustainability goals with clean, renewable electricity generation.

Respond to public demand for environmental commitments

Demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility, while employing money saving and sustainable energy practices.