Reduce Energy Consumption

GridPoint’s solution can save customers up to 30% on their monthly energy bill through automated controls, advanced analytics, and actionable recommendations

Reduce Peak Demand

GridPoint’s load control algorithm automatically reduces peak demand for a building by up to 5%

Ensure Consistency

GridPoint Energy Manager provides one, centralized platform to set HVAC or lighting schedules and site hours. Users can edit individual locations or many sites in bulk

Identify & Triage Issues Remotely

Real-time data paired with Smart Alarms identify when an issue becomes meaningful and notifies the correct manager. Data visualizations provide fault detection tools which detail further information on the issue source and when it first occurred

Prevent Inventory Loss

Be alerted to refrigeration outages and cooling issues in time to save inventory from going bad. GridPoint’s patented Smart Alarms eliminate the noise to give you high probability issues at the right time

Assure Uptime

GridPoint gives customers the ability to regularly assess building performance, preventatively maintain important equipment, and quickly identify issues as they arise in order to increase uptime across an enterprise

Ensure Comfort

GridPoints thermostats can be configured for multiple periods throughout the day so users can focus on comfort during the busy times and savings during the quiet periods. Comfort is always top priority and setpoints can be overridden on-site by the manager as needed

Certify Repair Efficiency & Quality

GridPoint’s mobile application enables users to remotely view the operational status of equipment in real-time so users can verify repairs before the technician leaves the site

Extend Equipment Life

Proper preventative maintenance can extend HVAC unit life by up to 20%. GridPoint’s advanced reports, HVAC Scope tool, and trend graphs optimize preventative maintenance to maximize equipment life extension