Energy Savings for a Palo Alto Restaurant


About the Company:

Zareen’s is a locally owned and operated Pakistani and Indian restaurant in the heart of Palo Alto. Zareen’s Palo Alto location has been in operation since 2016. The owner, Zareen herself, owns two other locations in Mountain View and Redwood City.

The Challenge:

Zareen’s restaurant has always been a well-known and frequented establishment serving lunch and dinner to the Palo Alto community. As the owner of a thriving restaurant, Zareen Khan didn’t always have time to focus on facility operations – like HVAC or energy consumption. Prior to deploying GridPoint’s platform, Zareen’s Restaurant used standard programmable thermostats to control the HVAC units and adopted a set it and forget it approach leaving her HVAC units running inefficiently and her energy bills high.

Why GridPoint:

Zareen reached out to GridPoint after receiving a flyer about the Business Advantage Program from the City of Palo Alto Utilities. After speaking with a program representative, she decided to install GridPoint’s platform in order to save on her energy costs and have more control over the HVAC usage at her restaurant. The platform offered override protection, schedule optimization, algorithms to improve HVAC efficiency, HVAC health diagnostics, and an easy-to-use online platform she can access from anywhere. Best of all, the GridPoint system was free through the City of Palo Alto utility program.

The Solution:

The GridPoint representative walked Zareen through the program, the benefits of the system, and qualified her restaurant in a matter of minutes. She was able to sign off on her participation agreement virtually and move forward with scheduling the install.

The installers were professional and timely and it was complete in a matter of hours. Zareen was able to log in to her GridPoint mobile application to verify her pre-set site schedule and appropriate setpoints. All she had to do was continue to run her business and let the GridPoint system help save her business money.

The Results:

Zareen noticed the savings on her utility bill and there was no impact on her business or her customer’s comfort. Zareen is interested in rolling out GridPoint to her other locations in Redwood City and Mountain View. She’s even made introductions to city officials in those neighboring towns to see if they’d be willing to offer a similar rebate to the one offered by the City of Palo Alto Utilities. She has been able to continue serving her customers while GridPoint gives her peace of mind knowing she’s saving energy, saving money, and helping Palo Alto work towards becoming a cleaner, more sustainable community.