Site Qualification and Setup in Minutes

State of Mind Slice House

About the Company:

State of Mind Slice House is a locally owned and operated pizza restaurant in Palo Alto. They make all of their pizzas from scratch featuring local and seasonal ingredients. State of Mind competes in numerous pizza contests and in 2017 won the “World’s Best Non-Traditional Pizza” award at the International Pizza Expo.

The Challenge:

Before GridPoint, State of Mind Slice House didn’t have an issue with their HVAC system but they weren’t aware of any other options besides traditional programmable thermostats. They simply set the HVAC on a schedule, would override temperatures when they needed to, and fixed things when they broke. Like many small businesses, that was just the status quo.

Why GridPoint: 

When a GridPoint representative approached Jim and his colleagues about an Energy Management System, they were intrigued by the idea of remotely controlling their units, having better insights into the health of their HVAC units, and saving money on their energy bills. As a small business owner, saving every dollar counts. For Jim, it was also important for him to have insight into his Palo Alto restaurant while he was off-site.

The Solution:

In a matter of minutes, the GridPoint representative explained the program offered through the City of Palo Alto Utilities and walked Jim through the qualification process. Jim e-signed his participation agreement on the spot moved forward with scheduling their installation. The installers showed up in the morning before the shop got busy, installed and configured the GridPoint system, and enjoyed a few slices of award-winning pizza.

The Results: 

Jim admits that he hasn’t had to do much with the system since it’s been installed. The site’s schedule and setpoints are the same and Jim continues to operate his business as he did before – meaning the GridPoint system is working as it should. Jim and his team can focus on their customers while GridPoint runs intelligent HVAC algorithms, override protection, and HVAC health checks behind the scenes, ultimately saving State of Mind Slice House money and making their business more efficient and sustainable.