The Five Megatrends Shaping the Energy Conscious Enterprise

Significant economic, political and technological forces are driving enterprises to reimagine the way they consume energy. These forces, or megatrends, have enabled a new level of understanding and insight that was previously unattainable in energy management. As a result, businesses now have the ability to become truly energy conscious, meaning that they are fully aware of how their sites and systems use energy and take proactive steps toward optimizing the energy footprint across their enterprise.



The Energy Manager’s Guide to Real-Time Submetering Data

Real-time, equipment-level submetering allows energy managers to generate savings and efficiencies beyond simple control-based building energy management systems or traditional utility bill analysis, both of which provide data that is too aggregated and too dated for the actionable data analysis required to make informed operational decisions.

This e-book provides real-world examples of the energy savings, operational efficiency, capital utilization and sustainability benefits that can be achieved with submetering, as well as details on industry standards and programs that provide guidance on integrating submetering as part of a comprehensive energy management strategy (such as LEED, ASHRAE, ISO, and more).