The Five Megatrends Shaping the Energy Conscious Enterprise

Significant economic, political and technological forces are driving enterprises to reimagine the way they consume energy. These forces, or megatrends, have enabled a new level of understanding and insight that was previously unattainable in energy management. As a result, businesses now have the ability to become truly energy conscious, meaning that they are fully aware of how their sites and systems use energy and take proactive steps toward optimizing the energy footprint across their enterprise.


Project and Event Tracking

As part of its comprehensive and integrated energy management system (EMS), GridPoint has created a Project and Event Tracking software application to help users assess, implement, and measure energy initiatives at a site, a group of sites, or across an enterprise. This application is the first in a series that will integrate seamlessly with GridPoint’s cloud-based software platform, GridPoint Energy Manager, and leverage GridPoint’s data-driven
approach to energy management.

Highlights of the Project and Event Tracking software application include:

  • A centralized repository of enterprise-wide initiatives to compare similar projects across sites and determine which project types will provide the greatest return on investment
  • Incorporation of real-time submetering data for continual measurement of project performance against established goals and baselines, timely remediation, and proof of success
  • Financial metrics to identify, validate, and select the most beneficial projects, allowing decision makers and project sponsors to speak the same language and simplify the project approval process.

A Data Driven Approach to Energy Management

With commercial and industrial energy use representing 53% of all energy spending in the U.S., energy management systems (EMS) and their associated cost savings and sustainability opportunities are an increasingly vital ingredient in enterprise cost control and competitive strategies.

GridPoint’s EMS is built on the philosophy that advanced data collection and analysis tools can be applied to energy management to allow enterprises to achieve unprecedented results in energy savings, operational efficiencies and business continuity, as well as environmental and sustainability goals. Download this white paper to see how a data-data driven approach delivers:

  • Control-based savings and maintenance of savings gains
  • Building instrumentation savings or discovered savings
  • Operational expense (OPEX) savings such as reduced repair expenses, business continuity, and demand response
  • Capital expense (CAPEX) savings through proper capacity planning and lifecycle management

Hurricane Sandy Recovery Accelerated by Energy Management System

In the wake of one of the most catastrophic storms in U.S. history, a leading North American retailer turned to GridPoint’s integrated suite of energy management solutions (EMS) and Managed Services to ensure business continuity for affected stores.

Download to see how the the retailer used a methodical approach to provide the community with needed emergency supplies and to minimize potential revenue loss by:

  • Leveraging GridPoint’s integrated EMS to remotely view real-time site and equipment performance data
  • Providing actionable analysis, allowing the retailer to prioritize needs based on power supply, potential inventory loss, and equipment failure
  • Maintaining business continuity, while driving faster site and equipment recovery time