2,380,487,240 kWh Reduced

183,864,258 Energy Costs Saved

2,199,124,617 lbs CO2e Erased

Energy Management Technology Improves Facility Efficiency & Performance

Lower Energy Spend
Make Better Decisions Based on Data
Control HVAC, Lighting, & Site Schedules
Identify & Triage Issues Remotely
Reduce Peak Demand
Ensure Customer Comfort
Receive Real-time Issue Notification
Secure Consistency Across Locations
Avoid Maintenance & Repair

Better Data | Better Processes | Better Results

Our insights, expertise, and experience in over 15,000 sites empowers us to deliver better results to customers across all types of facilities and industries

The Best Data

GridPoint’s broad submetering technology and sensors work together and collect 3 dimensions of data to create the most accurate picture of energy usage within
and across your sites

Market-leading IoT Applications

GridPoint’s hardware and software applications are proven superior through years of experience eliminating energy waste and providing operational savings across a multitude of building types

Comprehensive Services

GridPoint’s large range of services, including Advisory Services, customized reporting, and a 24×7 support center, are designed to help achieve optimal results geared towards customer-specific goals

Service-based Pricing

GridPoint’s Energy Management as-a-service pricing combines costs into one, low monthly payment with $0 down and eliminates all maintenance and repair responsibility
for our customers

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