Twas the night before New Year’s at thousands of sites,

GridPoint’s advanced scheduling was adjusting HVACs and lights.

Some employees nestled at home with their families,

while others up late selling last minute decorations and candies.

As the chilly winter temperatures continue to change,

set-points continuously adapt within comfort range.

When back in the manager’s office arose such a clatter,

his phone ringing with something the matter!

Smart alarms alerting that a refrigerator is down,

but what should they do? There’s no maintenance around!

Is it electrical? Is it a fuse? Is it a motor or fan?

Endless possibilities, but he has a plan.

Open GridPoint Mobile to identify the danger,

it just came unplugged, could have been so much stranger.

Oh how chaotic if it had gone on all night,

the inventory loss would have been out of site.

He plugged it back in, an issue no more,

now back to work managing the floor.

With hardware and software and someone to call,

the energy savings from GridPoint pays for it all.

He runs one last report oh, how smart are his buildings,

having all this data organized, what a wonderful feeling.

With confidence he locks up knowing everything’s alright,

happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!