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New in Mobile 3.0:
  • Update site hours and HVAC schedules remotely in real-time 
  • View HVAC health status and health history across a site
  • Identify an issue and its severity when an HVAC unity is malfunctioning
  • View Lifetime and monthly savings graphs to validate efforts*
  • Enter billing data easily in the app to keep savings up-to-date*

  • Check HVAC setpoints and lighting schedules to verify current conditions 
  • Perform, optimize, and track temporary control overrides
  • Reference site details like site hours, address, phone number and more
  • Empower technicians with real-time data to diagnose equipment anomalies and verify repairs
  • View peak energy consumption and coincident equipment behavior to determine peak drivers and develop curtailment strategy
  • Trend energy and environmental data over daily, weekly, or monthly time periods within the last two years to discover historical site behavior

    *Small business only