Simple, automated energy and demand management for small businesses.

GridPoint’s intelligent platform leverages data collected on-site as well as patented algorithms to automate and optimize HVAC for you, ensuring comfort and efficiency.

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Save on Monthly Energy Costs

Ensure Comfort and Consistency

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ConnectedControl provides capabilities and values far beyond a traditional smart thermostat.

Our patented, advanced algorithms intelligently control your HVAC units, lighting controls, plug loads, kitchen equipment, generators, and more to maximize efficiency and minimize your monthly energy bill. With actionable alerts, analytics, and monthly reporting of the overall health of your HVAC system, you can stay ahead of any issues.

  • Automate your energy savings
  • Manage all sites from your mobile phone
  • Understand your HVAC performance

Machine Learning Optimizes Comfort and Savings.

Each day, GridPoint’s algorithms learn the natural temperature drift of your building and how much time it takes to heat or cool your space. This information enables GridPoint to lower your energy use without sacrificing comfort.

Enhanced Control from Billions of Data Points.

GridPoint’s intelligent setpoints are determined by analyzing a decade’s worth of data points from over 15,000 sites and proven results from enterprises and small businesses across the country.


Setback and Recovery.

At the end of your day, GridPoint intelligently relaxes setpoints. When you return, GridPoint will have already been working to return to the desired temperature while maximizing savings.

Setpoints and Override Enforcement.

Keep control over your HVAC setpoint schedule, even while away. Set limits on how much your thermostats can vary from your set schedule, further contributing to savings.

HVAC Health.

GridPoint learns the patterns of your HVAC system and catches abnormalities as soon as they occur, alerting you of units that need your attention so you can keep your business running smoothly.


An integrated building solution, intelligent algorithms, actionable insights, and automated demand response.

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