Burger King® franchisee reduces energy consumption while maintaining guest comfort

Arlington, VA ––December 18, 2014 ––GridPoint, an innovator in comprehensive, data-driven energy management systems (EMS), today announced that TOMS King, LLC, a northern Illinois-based Burger King® franchisee, has deployed GridPoint’s state-of-the-art solution at all 59 TOMS King restaurants after a successful six-site pilot.

TOMS King’s savings were achieved by installing asset-level submetering, monitoring several pieces of equipment and implementing HVAC and lighting controls. TOMS King also gained access to GridPoint’s cloud-based software platform, GridPoint Energy Manager, which aggregates and presents data collected at each site. Additionally, TOMS King subscribed to GridPoint’s Energy Advisory and Control Support Services to get the most value of the EMS data while optimizing their fleet of Burger King® restaurants.

“At TOMS King, we wanted to make our restaurants energy efficient, but needed to do so in a way that did not sacrifice customer comfort,” said Sandra MacDonald, Director of Development and Purchasing at TOMS King. “GridPoint gave us detailed insight into energy consumption at each of our restaurants throughout Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania and recommended specific controls we could employ to save money and energy while still maintaining a comfortable environment for our team members and guests.”

TOMS King also lowered energy costs by reducing consumption and demand peaks using two of GridPoint’s advanced algorithms—HVAC Setback/Recovery and Load Curtailment, which are further detailed in GridPoint’s case study on TOMS King.

Finally, GridPoint initiated a series of intelligent alarms that alert management when mechanical or electrical issues arise at any TOMS King restaurant. For instance, the alarms GridPoint developed for coolers and freezers allow TOMS King to see when temperatures move above or below preferred thresholds and complement TOMS King’s food management and safety programs. More detail about the implementation of intelligent alarms at the franchise is available in the TOMS King case study.

“We enjoyed working with TOMS King to create a solution to support their energy management and facility insight requirements,” said Mark Danzenbaker, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Management at GridPoint. “From advanced control algorithms to smart alarms and expert services, GridPoint’s comprehensive EMS helped TOMS King’s sites transform into energy conscious enterprises without sacrificing their core mission – providing guests with great-tasting food in a comfortable environment.”

About TOMS King, LLC
TOMS King, LLC is a Burger King® franchisee, operating 59 restaurants in the Chicago, Dayton, Cleveland, Youngstown and Pittsburgh metro areas. TOMS King seeks to become our guests’ favorite QSR destination by implementing the brand values of being guest focused, people oriented and service obsessed. For more information, please visit www.tomsking.com.

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GridPoint is an innovator in comprehensive, data-driven energy management solutions (EMS) that leverage the power of real-time data collection, big data analytics and cloud computing to maximize energy savings, operational efficiency, capital utilization and sustainability benefits. GridPoint’s integrated energy management portfolio of asset-level submetering and monitoring, intelligent control, energy management software and professional services can generate energy savings up to 30% and an 18-36 month payback.

GridPoint solutions are deployed at over 12,000 sites with over 90 billion customer data points collected to date, and 75 million added daily. Customers include 5 of the top 10 retailers by total sales, 3 of the top 10 casual dining restaurants, 5 of the top 20 quick serve restaurants, leading commercial and industrial enterprises and major government and educational institutions. To learn more, visit GridPoint.com, and keep up with the latest GridPoint news via LinkedIn linkedin.com/company/gridpoint and Twitter @gridpoint.


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