Sustainability By the Numbers

Delivering benefits to the bottom line and the planet.

  • 7.5B +

    kWh Reduced

  • 85,905,289

    Therms Reduced

  • $964M

    Energy Saving

  • 13B +

    lbs of CO2 Avoided

A Better Way to Manage Energy

Reduce Energy Costs and CO2 Emissions

Uncover inefficiencies and automate and control your buildings to be more efficient.

Manage Your Buildings Better

Gain real-time visibility into facility operations and equipment performance from anywhere.

Drive a More Sustainable Future

Achieve sustainability goals and support grid resiliency by turning your buildings grid-interactive.

Beyond Building Efficiency

Optimize your business’s entire energy profile by leveraging data analytics, patented algorithms, and intelligent building controls. Gain visibility into complex operations and facility insights, automate decarbonization, and strengthen resiliency, building by building.

Energy Management. Evolved.

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Data Collection & Monitoring

Our platform captures critical data including granular equipment level information, building performance, historical data, and utility grid status to create the most robust and accurate data set in the industry.

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Intelligent Automation & Controls

Patented control algorithms communicate with equipment in the building to orchestrate assets and drive continuous efficiency. This includes curtailing loads, shifting to backup power sources, and optimizing other onsite distributed energy resources.

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Grid Services

GridPoint enables your buildings to become grid-interactive and participate in utility programs like demand response for incentives. Manage your energy demand in response to a variety of factors like peak energy costs, utility signals, emergency conditions or carbon emissions.

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DER Integrations

Integrate distributed energy resources like EV chargers or on-site battery storage cost effectively and incorporate them into a whole-building energy strategy for long-term value and resiliency and business continuity.

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Cloud-Based Applications

Our growing ecosystem of applications including a software portal, mobile application, and advanced reporting tools provide customers with real-time visibility into their buildings wherever, whenever.

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Service Teams

Our world-class service teams provide ongoing support 24/7 and guide customers through energy saving opportunities and best practices proven to optimize performance and achieve energy and sustainability goals.

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GridPoint Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent Buildings for a Sustainable Energy Future

Buildings represent the greatest, most cost-effective opportunity to reduce carbon and ensure a sustainable energy future. Commercial businesses need solutions that reduce complexity and costs. By turning buildings grid-interactive, our platform enables businesses to play an active role in grid stability, operate more efficiently, deploy DERs cost-effectively, and become more resilient to quickly changing energy trends without impacting operations.

GridPoint Intelligent Network

Decarbonizing the Grid Through a Network of Connected Buildings

Aggregating capacity across a network of buildings unlocks the decarbonization and resiliency required for a cleaner tomorrow. GridPoint’s network of grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs) enables utilities to access new markets and flex demand when the grid needs it most. Our platform can curtail a single asset in a building, a group of buildings in a geography, or execute fleet-wide demand events across markets quickly from a single portal.

The Power of Energy Intelligence

Powered by GridPoint Intelligence, our platform makes companies more efficient, energy grids more reliable, and create a more sustainable future for everyone. By better understanding the energy profile of a building, our customers can make more informed decisions, uncover inefficiencies, optimize energy use, and create new revenue opportunities through grid services.

Patented Algorithms

GridPoint’s algorithms are key to creating the best energy strategy for your business. They interpret a high volume of data points and automate building operations to be most efficient leading to significant savings and increased value over time.

HVAC Health

GridPoint constantly monitors HVAC units to understand how they are performing. Our HVAC tools test individual units and units across the enterprise to help facility managers identify and diagnose issues, prioritize by severity, and validate repairs.

Intelligent Scheduling

GridPoint’s technology enables building automation based on time of use schedules, hours, occupancy, motion or door sensors, daylight, and more to drive efficiency and energy savings while avoiding peak charges.

Advanced Reports & Analytics

Customers gain valuable insights into operations through detailed reports. Our data analytics team is on-hand to detect anomalies, identify inefficiencies, and make recommendations to ensure customers are on track to achieve their goals.

Proven Results Across Multiple Industries

Walgreens Storefront

“Walgreens relies on GridPoint to provide services needed for the ongoing operation of our entity as well as our subcontractors that provide critical services to the public. Without your service, we believe we may face critical issues and delays and disruptions that will have a direct effect on the ability to service the public.”

Chipotle Storefront

“GridPoint’s data-driven products play an essential role in our ability to affect our environmental impact across our restaurants nationally. The financial benefits we see continue to grow as we deploy the solution throughout our enterprise and is an exceptional by-product of working with partners like GridPoint. The full-service approach of GridPoint has proven critical to our success because it enables us to get the most out of our EMS investment. GridPoint’s flexibility in offering a comprehensive “EMS as a Service solution” with little to no upfront investment combined with its attractive returns makes it a great fit across our concepts, and further drives corporate sustainability goals at each location.”

Carolyn Anderson
Executive Director, Chipotle
Wendy's restaurant building

“Wendy's relies on GridPoint to provide services needed for the ongoing operation of our entity as well as our subcontractors that provide critical services to the public. Without your service, we believe we may face critical issues and delays and disruptions that will have a direct effect on the ability to service the public.”

Greg Corr
Executive Vice President, Wendy's
Burger King building entrance

“At TOMS King, we wanted to make our restaurants energy efficient, but needed to do so in a way that did not sacrifice customer comfort. GridPoint gave us detailed insight into energy consumption at each of our restaurants throughout Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and recommended specific controls we could employ to save money and energy while still maintaining a comfortable environment for our team members and guests.”

Sandra MacDonald
Director of Development and Purchasing, TOMS King

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