Unlocking the Value of Demand Management

Managing demand is key to ultra-efficient energy management systems and lowering energy costs. GridPoint’s grid-interactive platform provides automated technology that maximizes load reduction for time-of-use pricing, real-time energy markets, and traditional demand response programs, with reliability and certainty in mind.

See Your Savings
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Demand Limiting

Effortlessly reduce energy bills with controls that strategically limit peak energy usage without customer or site discomfort.

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Time of Use Scheduling

Align energy use with consumption needs to reduce waste without disrupting business operations.

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Automated Load Shedding

Reduce load on emergency generators in the case of outages with automatic load shedding.

Advanced Intelligence of Your Demand Patterns

Our system detects when you are heading towards a peak that will trigger a higher monthly energy bill. It automatically makes onsite adjustments to avoid triggering the peak demand charge.

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Intelligent Demand