A leader in demand management.

GridPoint provides your business with unrivaled tools to adjust operations automatically and on-demand, to unlock new revenue opportunities and support your energy and sustainability goals.

The most robust grid-interactive platform

Our automated technology maximizes load reduction for time-of-use pricing, real-time energy markets, and traditional demand response programs.

The most reliable platform

As the leader in commercial and industrial energy management for 20+ years, GridPoint is trusted by hundreds of the largest companies across the globe.

Unlocking the value of demand management.

GridPoint’s automated technology allows you to manage energy demand across your locations in response to peak pricing, emergency conditions, carbon intensity, and more.

Demand Response

Efficiently manage and reduce energy consumption during peak demand periods and demand response events.

Time-of-Use Pricing

Align energy use with consumption needs to reduce waste without disrupting business operations.

Peak Demand Management

Automatically curtail load using Main Load Meter data when a site approaches peak demand, thereby reducing peak demand charges.