The Impact of Commercial Buildings

GridPoint provides custom technology solutions for this market segment, which has been historically under-represented in energy programming because the needs of each building site and portfolio vary widely. A sustainable future is not possible without making buildings better.

  • 90%

    90% of commercial buildings in the U.S. are less than 50,000 square feet.

  • 40%

    Buildings generate nearly 40% of global GHG emissions.

  • 66%

    Heating, cooling, lighting, and refrigeration represent 66% of total commercial building energy use.

  • 30%

    On average, 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted, according to the U.S. EPA.

Beyond the Meter

GridPoint’s decentralized network of grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs) unlocks the decarbonization, sustainability, and resiliency required for a cleaner, more efficient tomorrow.

Smart Solutions for your Commercial Customers

GridPoint enables utilities to better engage with their commercial customers and provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to improve energy efficiency, better understand demand patterns, and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable power system.

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Utility Programs

GridPoint provides customers with unique incentive and rebate programs to engage diverse markets and deploy smart technology.

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Cost-Effective Technology

GridPoint’s solution removes technology deployment barriers and enables customers to achieve energy savings from day one.

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Demand Visibility

GridPoint provides visibility into the usage of assets that fluctuate demand across the existing built environment to help utilities better forecast demand and uncover inefficiencies.

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DER Integrations

As more DERs become commercially practical, GridPoint helps to deploy them cost-effectively – unlocking additional insights for long-term value and resiliency.

Providing a Better Way to Control Energy Across The Grid

GridPoint’s automated demand response technology enables utilities to engage with commercial markets by aggregating many sites together to deliver a predictable, impactful load reduction. GridPoint provides full DR program implementation and management from curtailment strategy development, to event performance reporting, and more.

Become a Utility Partner
Broad Experience

GridPoint has over a decade of experience running demand response events and enrolls hundreds of new sites in programs each year.

Reliable Capacity

GridPoint’s technology is OpenADR certified and can also work with other custom protocols to ensure forecast accuracy and reliable curtailment when an event is called.

Network Effects

GridPoint's vast network of partners, utilities, and customers enables us to connect customers with best-fit DR programs and stack programs and incentives for maximum value.

GridPoint Demand Response Programs

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Emergency Demand Response

Supports unexpected surges in demand to avoid power disruption.

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Economic Demand Response

Reduces demand when energy costs are highest.

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Ancillary Services

Stabilizes the electrical system and keep the grid running smoothly.

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Environmental Demand Response

Reduce energy demand when carbon intensity is highest.

Walgreens building entrance and parking lot during daylight
Real-Life Results

Learn How Walgreens Participates in Demand Response

When California had rolling blackouts in 2020, Walgreens was able to participate in the Demand Response process they had in place with GridPoint to immediately and voluntarily reduce energy consumption to free up the grid capacity. Learn how GridPoint and Walgreens are helping create the blueprint for how other businesses will interact with utilities and the grid going forward.

Ready to Get Started?

We’re bringing sustainability goals within reach and decarbonizing buildings on the only platform designed for grid-interactive optimization. With GridPoint as the link between the grid, buildings, and businesses, world-changing technology is only a deployment away. We want you to join us!

  • Become a Partner: The GridPoint Channel Partner Program is a comprehensive program for agents, resellers, systems integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and distributors that leverages GridPoint’s integrated hardware, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) analytics platform, and value-added professional services.
  • Multiple Partnership Types Offered: We offer an extensive Reseller Program as well as a generous Referral Program to fit our partners’ business needs.
  • Benefits of Working With Us: GridPoint provides a host of operational support, including training programs, market development support, sales and service support, as well as generous financial incentives.