Food & Beverage

Reduce the energy costs for your restaurant, and extend the life of your HVAC.

The benefits of energy metering and asset monitoring are clear. By tracking energy usage, businesses can save money and become more efficient. Additionally, by monitoring assets, businesses can prevent costly downtime and improve their bottom line.

Manage Kitchen Equipment

Monitor and optimize all your kitchen assets including exhaust fans, fryers, broilers, refrigeration, and freezers.

Pinpoint Malfunctioning Equipment

Quickly reduce equipment outages and malfunctions with equipment alerts and monitoring.

Extend the life of HVAC Systems

Get around-the-clock monitoring of your HVAC health and performance to ensure they are operating efficiently.

Retail & Convenience

Get real-time energy intelligence on all of your company's assets.

With HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration representing a significant portion of a retail or convenience store’s fixed costs, around-the-clock management is critical to your bottom line. Facility managers need asset-level insight into energy and site operations to maximize savings opportunities without sacrificing customer comfort.

Manage Critical Equipment

Monitor all your building assets such as HVAC, lighting, signage, refrigeration, and more – all remotely from our mobile app.

Monitor Outdoor Lighting

GridPoint Intelligence monitors indoor and outdoor lighting schedules to ensure lights are on and off at the right times.

Ready to get started?

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