EV Charging - Chargers Only

Energy Efficiency

Optimize your energy usage to save money and reduce carbon emissions. GridPoint Intelligence provides actionable insights into energy usage and all your site assets, allowing you to manage and control energy consumption.

  • Energy Metering and Asset Optimization
  • Energy Optimization and Load Reduction
  • Energy Analytics and Reporting
HVAC Setpoint Monitoring

Operational Efficiency

GridPoint’s energy management solution gives you complete visibility into your expenditures and allows you to optimize your operations by pinpointing where and when your system consumes the most energy.

  • Energy Monitoring and Asset Control
  • HVAC Health and Performance
Main Load

Demand Management

The GridPoint Demand Management solution is complete, end-to-end demand response and peak demand management program that allows customers to optimize their energy use by reducing or shifting it during peak times.

  • Peak Demand Management
  • Automated Demand Response
EV Charging - Trends


The first step to reducing your environmental impact is awareness. With GridPoint’s sustainability solution, you can track your energy usage in real-time and identify areas where you can make improvements.

  • Energy Usage Reporting
  • Solar and Renewables Reporting
HVAC Monitoring and Setpoints

Grid Services

The future of energy will rely on a more dynamic relationship between energy producers and consumers. GridPoint connects buildings and the grid to orchestrate energy demand in response to grid signals and business needs in real time.

  • Economic Demand Response
  • Emergency Demand Response
  • Ancillary Services

Ready to Get Started?

By integrating with existing building assets, GridPoint provides real-time visibility into energy consumption and performance data, allowing facility managers to make informed decisions about how to best optimize their buildings. Whether you’re looking to reduce energy costs, improve building performance, or extend asset lifecycle, GridPoint can help.

  • Get a free energy analysis: Our energy advisors will review your current energy output and make recommendations on where you can start reducing your energy usage.
  • Start a pilot program: Want to try GridPoint out? We offer a three-month pilot program.
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