The Intelligent Energy Network of Buildings

GridPoint’s expanding network is accelerating the energy transition - building by building

GridPoint Intelligent Building

The platform is designed to optimize distributed energy assets so customers can focus on their core business. A mobile app, automation, and advanced reporting combine to provide customers with visibility into their buildings wherever, whenever.

GridPoint Intelligent Network

The demand management portal, advanced reporting, and service teams provide nomination, execution, and real time analysis of events. The platform can call upon a single asset in a building, a group of buildings in a particular location, or execute fleet-wide events on demand — all from a single portal.


Who We Work With

Commercial Buildings

GridPoint offers a subscription-based platform that uses AI and machine learning to analyze data captured onsite, optimize energy consumption, perform remote diagnostics, and shift to backup power sources as needed to maintain service levels and generate energy cost savings.

Electric Utilities

GridPoint’s intelligent network of grid-interactive buildings provides utilities and energy markets with the ability to flex demand in real time and with locational precision. Our network of assets like HVAC, distributed generation, and energy storage across diverse customer types enables fast responses to load change signals.

Technology Innovators

GridPoint supports customers as they deploy clean energy technologies such as distributed renewables, energy storage, and electric vehicles, helping innovators reach the underserved commercial market through a subscription model to accelerate the energy transition.