Your business spends a ton of money on energy, maintenance, and repairs, but do you know where those dollars are being consumed? Or how a building’s performance is contributing to overall facility costs?

Unlike traditional utility meters which only display main-load energy consumption, GridPoint’s smart building solution captures three dimensions of data to create the most accurate picture of energy usage within and across sites. This visibility combined with powerful tools and analytics enable customers to better reduce energy consumption, assess facility health, and automate and control their sites

Energy Management

Data Collection

GridPoint hardware is installed to collect real-time energy data from assets like HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and environmental conditions

GridPoint Energy Manager

Analytics are applied to the data in GridPoint’s cloud-based software to enable tools like smart alarms, building control, facility diagnostics, and project tracking

Professional Services

GridPoint can assist or manage your energy for you through Customer Support, Control Support, Site Monitoring, and Energy Advisory Services to ensure top results

Data Collection

GridPoint starts by installing flexible hardware and sensors that collect 3 dimensions of data to create the most accurate picture of energy usage within a building

Granular Data

Granular data comes from individual pieces of equipment like an HVAC unit, lights, or refrigeration. It also includes environmental data like outside temperature, CO2, and humidity

Real-time Data

The data is collected in real-time so that customers can dial into each site for issue identification, troubleshooting, and repair validation instantly

Historical Data

GridPoint begins with a baseline, and continuously collects and stores data over a long period of time to create a rich, historic view for data trending, reporting, and analytics

Intelligent Control

GridPoint’s intelligent control capabilities enable remote and local managing of equipment such as HVAC units, lighting, or other submetered loads

Patented control algorithms communicate between GridPoint Energy Manager and the on-site hardware to tell your building what to do to be most efficient. This includes automatically curtailing loads, transitioning equipment between unoccupied and occupied settings, and fine-tuning site operations to optimize usage without sacrificing comfort

GridPoint Energy Manager

The data is then aggregated into GridPoint’s software platform, GridPoint Energy Manager, where state-of-the-art IoT applications are applied to maximize building efficiency and energy reduction

Enterprise-wide Schedule Control

Manage and edit schedules at individual sites, regionally, or across an entire enterprise

Reports & Analytics

Your data is analyzed by the software and visualized into reports so users can easily view and compare performance within and across sites, track goals, and identify trends

Smart Alarms

Multi-conditional alarms are set up to deliver important alerts without the noise. Each alarm’s parameters will filter out non-issues from real issues like equipment outages, voltage imbalances, or unsafe temperature spikes

GridPoint Energy Manager Mobile

The mobile application give users access to their data on-the-go. Customers can remotely diagnose equipment anomalies and verify repairs, perform site overrides, and view energy usage


Our experienced teams are available to manage your sites for you and ensure maximum results  

Customer Support

GridPoint’s Customer Support team is available around the clock, 24×7, by phone and email for hardware and software related questions and technical support

Comfort Support

Specialists field employee requests to edit site hours, temperature setpoints, and lighting schedules as well as provide real-time support for on-site HVAC and lighting maintenance or service technicians

Site Monitoring

GridPoint’s team can monitor your alarms, triage and identify equipment issues to limit unnecessary service calls, and perform remote diagnostics after a repair is made for real-time quality assurance

Advisory Services

GridPoint’s Analytics team guides customers through proven energy and facility best practices, highlights saving opportunities and produces advanced enterprise-wide reports