No other partner removes more worry from your operations.

Commercial energy savings are accessible for most businesses, even without a major overhaul of HVAC and other key systems. Our energy management system provides real-time critical insights to help you monitor overall usage of energy, patterns within that use, and other key data.

Intelligent optimization of assets

GridPoint Intelligence helps you control, monitor, and optimize your HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and more.

The most reliable answers

Understand power quality, voltage abnormalities, phase imbalance, coincident peak reporting, and scheduling issues.

Easy, automated implementation

Conduct automated testing, and implement positive changes with the tap of a button.

Monitor the health of your HVAC units.

Avoid costly repairs, lost productivity, and unpredictable downtime by monitoring the health of your HVAC units from anywhere.

HVAC Overrides

Ensure employee and customer comfort or revise HVAC schedules during maintenance or due to unexpected weather.

Energy Trends and Savings

View energy trends and asset performance over time and see your energy savings stack up with a simple IPMVP model.

HVAC Health

Visualize HVAC data to show you a unit’s current health status and performance trends across all HVAC units over time.

Enterprise-Wide Asset-Level Control

View all your assets across all your platforms from a single pane of glass. Advanced control algorithms ensure you stay within energy limits, large appliances function at peak performance, and customers remain comfortable.

HVAC Recovery and Setback

Efficiently transition zones from either unoccupied or occupied setpoints.

Load Curtailment

Automatically adjust equipment within comfort boundaries to avoid peak demand charges.

Temperate and Door Sensors

Monitor cooler and freezer door conditions and temperatures to avoid unnecessary spoilage and reduce heating and cooling expenses.