Take the Worry Out of Your Operations with Real-Time Critical Insights

Commercial energy savings are accessible for most businesses, even without a major overhaul of HVAC and other key systems. Our energy management system monitors overall usage of energy, patterns within that use, and other key data. Thanks to GridPoint's proprietary algorithms, our tool can then recommend or automatically implement positive changes. Your business can count on a reliable answer to the question of how to improve energy efficiency.

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Energy and Asset Control

Control, monitor, and optimize your HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, EV charging and more.

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Main Load and Submetering

Understand power quality, voltage abnormalities, phase imbalance, coincident peak reporting, and scheduling issues.

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HVAC Health and Performance

Monitor zone temperatures, conduct automated testing, and analyzes historical HVAC unit operations.

Monitor the Health of Your HVAC Units

GridPoint is constantly monitoring and analyzing your HVAC units to identify when they are not performing well. Avoid costly repairs, lost productivity, and unpredictable downtime by monitoring the health of your HVAC units from anywhere.

A Better Way to Manage EV Charging Costs

The GridPoint system makes EV charging easy and helps maximize savings by monitoring usage, peak demand patterns, monthly energy spend, and unlocking new revenue streams through demand response programs. We help you manage peak demand charges across all your building assets and prioritize consumption. Quickly and easily view detailed utilization and consumption trends by month, week, day, or hour to save money and energy by charging when energy demand is low.

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Multi-Asset Management
EV Charging Monitoring
Flex EV Charging

Enterprise-Wide and
Asset-Level Control

View all your assets across all your platforms from a single pane of glass. Advanced control algorithms ensure you stay within energy limits, large appliances function at peak performance, and customers remain comfortable.

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By integrating with existing building assets, GridPoint provides real-time visibility into energy consumption and performance data, allowing facility managers to make informed decisions about how to best optimize their buildings. Whether you’re looking to reduce energy costs, improve building performance, or extend asset lifecycle, GridPoint can help.

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