Putting more energy in energy management.

GridPoint IntelligenceTM is the most comprehensive energy efficiency solution there is.

A single, unified platform that connects both sides of the meter.

By enabling dynamic load flexibility and leveraging the built environment to play an active role in grid stability, GridPoint uniquely serves both businesses and utilities with one platform.

The most robust and accurate data in the industry.

GridPoint’s platform captures critical data including real-time granular equipment level information, building performance, historical data, and utility grid status.

Algorithm-automated building operations.

GridPoint’s algorithms interpret a high volume of data points and automate building operations to be most efficient, leading to significant savings over time​.

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A suite of services that boost your bottom line.

GridPoint’s energy efficiency solution is designed to elegantly address every small need that makes a huge difference to your business.

HVAC Monitoring and Control

Ensure HVAC units are running efficiently and get alerted before a critical issue occurs.

Lighting Monitoring and Control

Monitor your indoor and outdoor lighting and signage to ensure lights are on and off correctly.

Refrigeration Monitoring

Monitor your cooler and freezer temperatures, including "open door" alerts, to avoid unnecessary food spoilage and reduce heating and cooling expenses.

Main Load and Asset Level Metering

View your entire energy load across all your sites or view a single asset.

Automated Demand Response

Get a customized curtailment plan to reduce your energy usage and participate in automated DR programs.

Proactively manage your energy consumption to reduce costs.

By integrating with existing building assets, GridPoint provides real-time visibility into energy consumption and performance data, allowing facility managers to make informed decisions and optimize operations.

Energy Metering and Asset Monitoring

Collect energy, facility, and environmental data to better understand energy use in your buildings.

Energy Optimization

Automate buildings to operate more efficiently with advanced controls and patented algorithms.

Energy Analytics

Get detailed energy reports, manage equipment health, and identify areas to streamline and improve.

Estimating Energy Savings with IPMVP

The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) is a standardized method to calculate energy savings. It Isolates external variables so a site can measure savings performances year-over-year. It models the relationship with energy consumption and external factors to give you the actual usage after energy efficient technology is installed. GridPoint relies on the IPMVP protocol to give our customers the most accurate savings forecast possible.

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