Better Data | Better Processes | Better Results

Energy, maintenance, and repair budgets are some of the largest expenses for businesses, yet there is a lack of visibility into where dollars are consumed, or how a facility’s performance can cause these costs to fluctuate. Unnecessary energy expenditure, maintenance and repair expenses as well as operational drift can often be predicted, identified, and corrected with the right insight and optimization tools.

With traditional utility meters, customers can only see main load consumption and must wait weeks after the energy has been used to view that data on billing statements. However, with equipment-level submetering and monitoring, customers gain real-time visibility into energy usage as well as site health and equipment performance, enabling them to actively manage site operations and make adjustments before savings are lost.

GridPoint is a smart building technology leader with a mission focused on enabling the world’s transition to an efficient and sustainable future through smart, grid-connected buildings. Our hardware-enabled subscription offerings bridge the gap between commercial businesses, utilities, and technology partners to support grid modernization and bring outdated energy infrastructure to the 21st century. Powered by the best data, our platform is designed to identify best-fit energy strategies, reduce waste, and make buildings smarter through controls, automation, and machine learning.


100B data points (1M added daily) are processed through proven, superior algorithms for the best facility insight


Our team has saved customers over $300M in energy costs, reduced 4B kWh, and eliminated 3.7B lbs of CO2e


GridPoint’s solution is installed at over 12,000 sites, including leading national accounts across all types of facilities and industries