How Changes in Utility Rates can Impact Utility Program Participation

Participating in utility programs is a great way to drive additional value from your smart building platform. GridPoint’s technology is pre-qualified for many demand response and energy efficient rebate programs nationwide – this means you can use the system to unlock an ongoing stream of revenue on top of the monthly energy savings it provides. Not only does this add cash back to your organization’s bottom line, it supports local sustainability programs through your utility as well.

While enrollment is simple through GridPoint’s platform, it’s important to know that changes to your utility rates, or service provider in deregulated territories, may impact your results or eligibility. Proactive management of rates and programs can be incorporated into your GridPoint energy management strategy to ensure you can maximize savings and take full advantage of utility program offerings.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when working through rate changes with your utility partners:

  • Demand Response programs and Energy Efficiency rebates usually require enrolling in and maintaining specific utility rates for a determined amount of time. Changing your rate may disqualify your site from participation in the future or impact your ability to realize full rebate potential.
  • Many utility programs do not permit “dual enrollment” or participation in more than one demand response program at a time. This can be confusing since some demand response programs are not called “demand response” but are more subtly labeled through a rate code. Changing rate or enrolling in an energy saving program through your utility, therefore, may impact your site’s ability to continue or begin participating in a demand response program. We are here to help you navigate programs and rates.
  • Some demand response programs are dependent upon the customer working with a specific Load Serving Entity (LSE), commonly known as an electricity supplier. As procurement contracts are renewed or are closed and changed to new LSEs, demand response and rebate program opportunities should be considered to help drive down total energy costs.

If any of these situations apply to you your organization or come up during your demand response enrollment, GridPoint is on hand to help determine the most advantageous rate and programs for you. In order to ensure that your business maximizes energy savings and program revenue, GridPoint will work closely with your energy procurement teams and maintain communication about rate changes and new program opportunities.

As your partner, GridPoint is here to help you save energy, money, and time. If you’re interested in discussing available programs or want to learn more about how rates can impact program success, reach out to us below.