Large and Unique Buildings 

Unique sites, campuses and other mixed use facilities can face the unique challenge of managing and tracking their own overall energy expenses, as well as the specific usage and expense associated with individual tenants.  Managers often find that precise energy management is difficult in view of the general absence of organized site and asset-level metering data and the frequent issues arising from disparate energy management policies and unmanaged systems.  The GridPoint energy management system (EMS) enables enterprises to realize cost savings and improve operational efficiency, while satisfying the needs of departments and tenants. GridPoint is uniquely positioned to provide an integrated energy management solution for these types of facilities by identifying and then aggregating usage information and providing the facility or energy manager with a variety of aggregated and energy point-specific views of consumption. Using the comprehensive view of energy endpoint data provided by the EMS, facilities managers are able to:

  • Understand both overall and specific area energy usage
  • Enable accurate subtenant billing
  • Monitor the performance of critical equipment, as well as pinpoint and resolve costly issues
  • Validate HVAC and lighting control system settings