Buildings represent the greatest, mostcost-effective opportunity to reduce carbon and ensure a sustainable energy future

There is a clear opportunity to improve the energy efficiency and operations of commercial buildings.

GridPoint provides custom technology solutions for this market segment, which has been historically under-represented in energy programming because the needs of each building site and portfolio vary widely. Buildings generate nearly 40% of global GHG emissions, and in the United States commercial buildings consume 35% of total electricity. This means a sustainable future is not possible without making buildings better.

Aggregating capacity across a network of grid-interactive buildings will support a resilient and responsive energy system

Businesses are setting their own sustainability targets and are increasingly looking to harness distributed energy resources (DERs), including renewables, battery storage and EV charging, to meet their goals. GridPoint’s intelligent energy platform delivers immediate, measurable savings and sustainability outcomes, while streamlining the adoption of DERs. By offering clear benefits to small and mid-sized buildings across the country, GridPoint’s decentralized network of grid-interactive, efficient commercial buildings is growing. This gives grid operators the ability to manage demand with instant flexible capacity that dramatically shifts and reduces energy use at precise locations — a critical need for the future of energy.