Monitor, Control, and Optimize Your Assets for Longer Life and More Efficient Operations

Save money, preserve energy, and get the most out of your assets with GridPoint's advanced equipment monitoring solutions. GridPoint Intelligence is a turnkey powerhouse of data and analytics that reduces energy usage, improves equipment life and quality, and helps you gain visibility over all aspects of your business for greater efficiency.

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Manage Kitchen Equipment

Monitor and optimize all your kitchen assets such as exhaust fans, fryers, broilers, refrigeration and freezers, and more.

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Pinpoint Malfunctioning Equipment

Quickly reduce equipment outages and malfunctions with equipment alerts and monitoring.

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Extend the Life of HVAC Systems

Get around-the-clock monitoring of your HVAC health and performance to ensure they are operating efficiently.

Energy Management. Evolved.

By managing your assets, like HVAC systems, lighting, refrigeration, and EV charging, you can optimize your operations, create actionable reports, and extend the life of your equipment for one purpose – to save you money.


Intelligent Energy Management for Multi-Site Companies

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Data Collection and Monitoring

Our platform captures critical data including granular equipment level information, building performance, historical data, and utility grid status to create the most robust and accurate data set in the industry.

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Smart Alarms

By monitoring your equipment, we can prevent premature equipment failure through power imbalances, alert you when refrigeration temperature rises too high, or raise awareness for equipment that needs servicing.

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Intelligent Automation and Controls

Patented control algorithms communicate with equipment in the building to orchestrate assets and drive continuous efficiency. This includes curtailing loads, shifting to backup power sources, and optimizing other onsite distributed energy resources.

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Energy Savings

Advanced software automates energy management while advisory services provide in-depth facility analysis to achieve optimal performance and maximum savings.

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Enterprise Wide Control

Control heating and cooling setpoints for every restaurant from one location and create set point conditions to limit temperature control by degrees and duration.

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Reporting and Trends Analysis

Performance reports predict when your HVAC, freezers, and other assets will need maintenance and energy usage reports provide insight into energy trends showing potential savings opportunities.

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By integrating with existing building assets, GridPoint provides real-time visibility into energy consumption and performance data, allowing facility managers to make informed decisions about how to best optimize their buildings. Whether you’re looking to reduce energy costs, improve building performance, or extend asset lifecycle, GridPoint can help.

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