GridPoint awarded a Silver Globee® in the energy, cleantech & environmental category

RESTON, VA – JULY 17, 2023 –  GridPoint, a leader in energy management and optimization technology that decarbonizes commercial buildings and accelerates a more sustainable energy future, today announced it has won a 2023 Globee® Award for Company of the Year in the Energy, Cleantech & Environmental category.

GridPoint was recognized for its efforts in making building decarbonization and sustainability technology more accessible to a wide range of businesses, especially the small- to mid-sized market. GridPoint’s innovative subscription model enables quicker technology adoption by commercial businesses by removing upfront financial barriers to deployment and generating cost savings from day one.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by the Globee Awards as an industry leader in energy, cleantech and environmental initiatives,” said Mark Danzenbaker, CEO of GridPoint. “One of GridPoint’s top priorities has been to ensure businesses of all sizes can make building decarbonization work within budgets both large and small. To make significant progress toward reversing the effects of climate change, it’s essential that climate tech is within reach for all commercial businesses.”

GridPoint’s platform serves more than 18,000 commercial sites, has generated cumulative energy savings of more than $873 million for customers, and has eliminated 11.9 billion pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions. Combating climbing energy costs, GridPoint is focused on securing new contracts with small- and mid-sized businesses through its software-as-a-service subscription model, providing lower energy and operational costs and more resilient buildings ready to withstand long-term energy infrastructure changes. Additionally, GridPoint plans to expand its offering by acting as the gateway between the commercial market and distributed energy resources – like EVs and battery storage – as they deploy at scale.

GridPoint last month announced a new $150M credit facility by Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital (HASI) that provides a credit facility of up to $150 million to enable GridPoint to meet the growing demand for its energy optimization platform. This follows a $75M investment in GridPoint led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Shell Ventures in 2022.

“Congratulations to the exceptional winners of the 8th Annual 2023 Globee Awards for American Business,” said San Madan, President of Globee Awards. “Your remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to excellence have set new benchmarks in the industry. Each one of you has showcased unparalleled innovation, leadership, and perseverance, embodying the true spirit of American business. May your success inspire and motivate others to reach greater heights. Here’s to your continued triumphs and the positive impact you make in the world!”

The award program’s judging process involved over 350 industry experts, representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The panel of judges can be found here: The full list of 2023 winners can be found here:

About GridPoint

GridPoint is a leader in energy optimization technology that decarbonizes commercial buildings and accelerates a more sustainable energy future. GridPoint’s data-driven platform connects energy grids with the built environment and behind-the-meter distributed energy resources, enabling the ability to coordinate energy supply and demand to achieve sustainability goals for businesses and the grid at the same time. GridPoint’s platform is deployed in over 18,000 commercial buildings across multiple industries. Leveraging data analytics, patented algorithms, and intelligent automation to deliver unprecedented visibility into complex building operations, GridPoint reduces energy costs, lowers carbon emissions, provides actionable facility insights and strengthens resiliency – building by building. Networked together, buildings with GridPoint Intelligence™ aggregate the reliable, precise, and instantaneous capacity that energy grids increasingly require. The GridPoint Intelligent Energy Network™ of buildings is driving grid modernization and accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy future. For more information, visit