Update: Chipotle reduced 65,582 MWh of energy via energy management systems

Longstanding energy-conscious customer utilizes GridPoint to surpass
efficiency and sustainability goals: 

Reston, VA – June 7, 2016 – GridPoint, an innovator in comprehensive, data-driven energy management systems (EMS) that enable customers to optimize energy savings, facility efficiency and sustainability efforts, today announced that its submetering, monitoring, and intelligent building control technology, combined with its cloud-based analytics software platform and service offerings has helped industry-leader Chipotle consistently reduce energy usage by over 13% during a multi-year period.

As part of its energy reduction strategy, restaurants started with the implementation of asset-level submetering and centralized management of air conditioning and override thresholds to optimize savings without sacrificing the comfort of its restaurant guests. GridPoint’s EMS is currently installed in multiple restaurants across Chipotle’s three brands; Chipotle Mexican Grill, Pizzeria Locale and ShopHouse. The solution includes HVAC control, temperature monitoring, and asset-level sub-metering which details energy expenditure of specific equipment pieces including HVAC units, walk-in coolers, kitchen hoods, and steam tables.

Sites have since been continuously optimized through algorithmic control and data analysis to reduce peaks and operational drift leveraging GridPoint’s structured and historical asset-level data. Collected data is aggregated in GridPoint’s cloud-based software platform, GridPoint Energy Manager, and broken down into alarm and exception reports designed for Chipotle’s facilities team. The team can monitor usage trends, verify equipment is working properly, and identify savings opportunities across their fleet of sites.

Chipotle relies on a variety of GridPoint’s services to ensure their sites are running efficiently. GridPoint’s Control Support Services enable site managers to seek assistance with adjusting temperatures, store hours, and schedules while keeping with in pre-set corporate standards and maintaining guest comfort. GridPoint’s Energy Advisory Services team provides hands-on analytical support to identify exceptions and other on-site behavior that could negatively impact energy savings and sustainability goals.

“GridPoint’s data-driven products play an essential role in our ability to affect our environmental impact across our restaurants nationally. The financial benefits we see continue to grow as we deploy the solution throughout our enterprise and is an exceptional by-product of working with partners like GridPoint,” says Carolyn Anderson, Executive Director at Chipotle. “The full-service approach of GridPoint has proven critical to our success because it enables us to get the most out of our EMS investment. GridPoint’s flexibility in offering a comprehensive “EMS as a Service solution” with little to no upfront investment combined with its attractive returns makes it a great fit across our concepts, and further drives corporate sustainability goals at each location.”

Additionally, GridPoint’s EMS improves the efficiency of Chipotle’s teams for operational savings, primarily by reducing the resources required to service and maintain sites. GridPoint diagnostic tools can be used to identify and triage HVAC or other system issues at a site before dispatching a technician, which provides greater information to make service activity more efficient and reduces the number of return visits by validating repairs before a technician leaves the site.

“Chipotle’s commitment to “Food With Integrity” takes corporate responsibility to the next level,” says GridPoint’s President, Mark Danzenbaker. “From sourcing top-of-the-line ingredients, to supporting local farmers, Chipotle’s mission to cultivate a better world is evident in all aspects of their business and GridPoint is honored to play a role supporting their efforts in reaching this goal. “

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