As an independent analyst firm, Verdantix provides valuable information for stakeholders looking to invest in energy management software (EMS). Every year, Verdantix publishes its Green Quadrant Energy Management Software report, which uses the proprietary Verdantix Green Quadrant methodology to assess current offerings on the marketplace and help corporate buyers determine which system best suits the needs of their business. Verdantix reviewed more than 80 energy management suppliers using a 130-point questionnaire, interviews with a customer panel and live product demonstrations.

After narrowing the results down to the strongest companies, the report compares 14 building EMS applications in detail and places them in one of four quadrants: the Leaders, Specialist, Entrepreneurs  and Challengers. This year, GridPoint is proud to have a promising review within the Entrepreneurs Quadrant.

The 2014 report included the following findings:

· Portfolio-scale apps are taking energy management to an enterprise-wide level
· Building EMS is continuing to be integrated into a wider array of energy services
· Market consolidation increases as traditional building asset management meets portfolio-wide energy management

Verdantix also found that buyers are making EMS more of a priority and are looking for strategic approaches to optimize energy consumption and reporting. Many firms expect spending on EMS to rise in the next year, highlighting the increased importance of investing in more energy conscious solutions.

GridPoint scored highly in its ability to help enterprises manage demand response events through asset-level submetering. Our software platform, GridPoint Energy Manager, was also strongly rated for its ability to deliver project and portfolio tracking functionality.

We are grateful to be included in the top 14 EMS companies with the likes of IBM and Siemens and excited to share further products that enhance our comprehensive suite further down the line.