Smart charging system accounts for whole building data and end-user requirements to maximize customer savings and lower peak demand

Reston, VA — August 31, 2021 —  Intelligent energy network provider GridPoint today announced the launch of its new building-centric electric vehicle (EV) charging solution. GridPoint takes a whole building approach to managing customers’ peak demand charges by analyzing and managing load across several controllable, grid-interactive assets from a single platform, including HVAC, lighting and now EV chargers. Customers can also enroll EV chargers and other eligible building loads into automated demand response (Auto-DR) programs, which deliver additional savings and support a cleaner, more reliable grid.

As the climate crisis worsens and the economy shifts from fossil fuels to cleaner distributed energy resources, buildings across the country—from car dealers to chain restaurants to grocery stores—are installing on-site EV chargers. However, they do not necessarily have visibility into how those installations will impact their energy expenses.

GridPoint’s technology platform ensures that EV chargers and other assets are operating as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Smart control and scheduling systems identify and allow customers to adjust charging based on times of peak demand while supporting grid program participation, such as revenue generating Auto-DR. The new EV solution also monitors real-time consumption and provides insights on building usage trends over time. It is technology agnostic and can submeter and control any charging system.

The commercial building benefits of the EV charging solution also translate to better outcomes for the grid. A more distributed energy system means the supply and demand curve on the grid is also changing. Utilities and grid operators are seeking visibility into energy use changes, as well as the ability to cohesively manage more assets. Increasing on-site efficiency and having additional resources like EV chargers to call on for demand response events allows for more reliability and flexibility.

“EV charging is becoming an increasingly common feature in commercial buildings across the country with new infrastructure investments, shifting policies and growing consumer demand. We’re helping small and mid-sized commercial sites understand and control their EV charging stations and other on-site energy resources using one integrated system. Our smart charging, building-centric approach ensures that an entire building is working as a unit in order to optimize savings and reduce demand on the grid. These types of grid-interactive assets are critical to a clean and reliable energy system,” said GridPoint CEO Mark Danzenbaker.

You can reach out to GridPoint directly to learn more about the new EV charging solution.

About GridPoint

GridPoint’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future by creating a network of grid-interactive buildings. By transforming the way commercial businesses use energy through hardware and AI software, GridPoint unlocks the decarbonization, sustainability, and grid resiliency required for a cleaner, more efficient tomorrow. The technology platform harnesses power and potential within a building to deliver energy, operational, and resiliency benefits. Networked together, these buildings provide reliable, precise, and instantaneous capacity for utilities and grid operators. GridPoint’s network includes Fortune 500 enterprises, utilities, government organizations and industrial complexes.