With a tailored approach to sustainability solutions focused on a reduced carbon footprint and improved bottom line, GridPoint and SMG Energy are poised to accelerate decarbonization among commercial building owners and operators

RESTON, Va. – October 13, 2022 – GridPoint, a leader in building energy management and optimization technology that decarbonizes commercial buildings and drives grid modernization, today announced a new partnership with SMG Energy, a leading provider of customized energy and sustainability solutions designed to lower costs, manage risk and improve branding, delivering sustainability solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

A referral partner supporting GridPoint through its install network, SMG Energy works to understand individualized sustainability goals, costs and energy consumption profiles to create unique solutions tailored to specific financial and environmental targets.

“At SMG Energy, we’re focused on identifying, analyzing and driving sustainability targets that align with financial targets,” said Tom Kay, CRO of SMG Energy. “GridPoint is a leader in the climate technology space, which puts us in a unique position to help our valued multi-site clients combine smart technology with stronger strategic planning for ESG efforts, yielding a positive impact on the bottom line and the planet. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The SMG Energy and GridPoint partnership will bring new opportunities to improve the energy efficiency and operations of commercial buildings, which have been historically underrepresented in energy programming because the needs of each building site and portfolio vary widely. Buildings generate nearly 50% of global GHG emissions, and on average, 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted. This means a sustainable future is not possible without increased efforts to improve building energy efficiency and decrease electricity consumption.

“Our partnership with SMG Energy creates an impeccable opportunity for multi-site operators with distributed portfolios to implement energy efficiency technologies in buildings, set customized sustainability goals and achieve a smaller carbon footprint, ” said Evan Conley, vice president of strategic partnerships at GridPoint. “At GridPoint, we’re focused on accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy future, and SMG Energy will be an extremely valuable resource for our customers’ sustainability and decarbonization efforts.”


About GridPoint

GridPoint is a leader in building energy management and optimization technology that decarbonizes commercial buildings and drives grid modernization. GridPoint’s data-driven platform connects energy grids with the built environment and behind-the-meter distributed energy resources, enabling the ability to optimize energy and sustainability goals for businesses and the grid at the same time. GridPoint’s technology platform is deployed in 16,000+ commercial buildings across multiple industries. Leveraging data analytics, intelligent automation and machine learning to deliver unprecedented visibility into complex building operations, GridPoint reduces energy costs, maximizes decarbonization, provides actionable facility insights and strengthens resiliency – building by building. Networked together, buildings with GridPoint Intelligence™ aggregate the reliable, precise and instantaneous capacity that energy grids increasingly require. GridPoint’s intelligent energy network of buildings is driving grid modernization and accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy future. For more information, visit gridpoint.com.


About SMG Energy

SMG Energy delivers multi-site companies customized energy and sustainability solutions that lower costs, manage risk, and improve brand position. We partner with clients to establish and achieve proven energy-saving and sustainability strategies (ex. decarbonization targets) while maintaining a unique focus on driving down energy spend, increasing visibility, and improving overall operational cost savings. Understanding our clients’ sustainability goals, cost drivers, and consumption profiles, we help to identify, analyze, and achieve sustainability targets that meet their financial targets. Learn more at www.SMGEnergy.com.