GridPoint earns prestigious industry recognition for its flexible technology platform designed to support underserved small- and medium-sized commercial buildings

RESTON, VA – August 24, 2022 – GridPoint, a leader in building energy management and optimization technology that decarbonizes commercial buildings and drives grid modernization, announced today it has been named the 2022 Global Customer Value Leadership Award recipient by Frost & Sullivan. This award recognizes GridPoint’s efforts in making smart building technology more accessible to the commercial sector, which has a direct impact on significantly reducing energy demand across the current built environment. 

“Ninety percent of commercial buildings in the U.S. are under 50,000 square feet and are largely underserved in energy programming, however engaging SMBs and enterprises operating these smaller buildings are imperative to decarbonization efforts,” said Mark Danzenbaker, CEO of GridPoint. “These types of businesses need an energy management solution that reduces complexity and costs. GridPoint is able to provide this through a unique business model and customer experience that removes technology deployment barriers, drives immediate value and accelerates a more sustainable energy future.”

Rising energy costs, increasing electric grid disruptions and mass electrification trends are creating a critical need for buildings to take a more active role in operating more efficiently to better manage energy consumption behind the meter. Frost & Sullivan has highlighted GridPoint’s smart building energy management platform for connecting energy grids with the built environment and other distributed energy resources, enabling the ability to optimize energy and sustainability goals for businesses and the grid at the same time. However, high costs remain a significant challenge – specifically for SMBs, thus limiting market adoption. To address this, GridPoint offers its integrated platform as a complete, cloud-based software solution that holistically addresses evolving energy management and building automation needs. Further, GridPoint’s platform enables customers to manage an isolated asset in a building, a group of buildings, or their entire building portfolios on a single portal seamlessly. 

“GridPoint’s success in consistently delivering market-leading outcomes enables it to ensure optimal customer satisfaction,” said Sama Suwal, Best Practices Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “As a result, the company maintains the industry’s lowest customer churn rates, retaining nearly 100% of its existing customer base. Moreover, the company’s exemplary performance continues to attract new customers, with its client portfolio expected to exceed 150,000 building sites by 2026.” 

Frost & Sullivan applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate multiple nominees for each award category before determining the final award recipient. The process involves a detailed evaluation of best practices criteria across two dimensions: business impact and customer impact. 

In 2020, Frost & Sullivan recognized GridPoint for its competitive strategy, solution innovation and product leadership in the energy management domain and remains impressed with the company’s continuing innovation and sustained leadership. 

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About GridPoint

GridPoint is a leader in energy optimization technology that decarbonizes commercial buildings and accelerates a more sustainable energy future. GridPoint’s data-driven platform connects energy grids with the built environment and behind-the-meter distributed energy resources, enabling the ability to coordinate energy supply and demand to achieve energy and sustainability goals for businesses and the grid at the same time. GridPoint’s platform is deployed in over 18,000 commercial buildings across multiple industries. Leveraging data analytics, patented algorithms, and intelligent automation to deliver unprecedented visibility into complex building operations, GridPoint reduces energy costs, lowers carbon emissions, provides actionable facility insights and strengthens resiliency – building by building. Networked together, buildings with GridPoint Intelligence™ aggregate the reliable, precise and instantaneous capacity that energy grids increasingly require. The GridPoint Intelligent Energy NetworkTM of buildings is driving grid modernization and accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy future. For more information, visit


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