Background: A New Platform Committed to Performance

Ampler Holdings is a quick-service restaurant platform that owns 347 restaurants, including more than 80 Burger King locations. Ampler is committed to renovating and improving its portfolio of stores, and its locations have shown substantial improvements and profits. The leadership team identified energy management as an additional area for improvement and engaged GridPoint for guidance.

Challenges: Lack of Consistency and Controls

Before working with GridPoint, Ampler’s Burger King locations faced a series of challenges with inefficient operations and inconsistent energy usage, including:

  • No Energy Management System
  • No operational control consistency
  • Unneeded energy use, such as lights left on overnight
  • No automation for energy needs, leading to situations such as dining room lights not being turned on in the morning
  • Inefficient HVAC set points with no standardization
  • No visibility into HVAC health

Objectives: Streamline Operations Across Sites

Because Ampler had assembled a series of restaurants in a relatively short timeframe, the team was focused on operational improvements and insights:

  • Implement intelligent controls and automation
  • Develop standards consistent across sites
  • Create a system for identifying faulty assets, energy waste, and HVAC health
  • Identify ongoing opportunities for improvements

The Solution: GridPoint Intelligence

To start, Ampler piloted GridPoint’s solutions at four sites. GridPoint standardized setpoints, developed advanced HVAC schedules, and provided operational lighting controls. With newly installed software and hardware, Ampler could identify problem HVAC units and monitor operational longevity with daily HVAC reporting. At the site level, Ampler had deeper insights into overall site health via submetering.

Ampler outlined a plan for future work with GridPoint, including a national rollout with full fleet installation, reporting protocols to communicate its program savings, and standardized enterprise operations through intelligent controls. The groups is also exploring added Demand Response services to obtain additional revenue streams.

Results: Savings Across Sites and a Foundation for Continued Efficiency

Ampler’s locations achieved an average monthly 21.6% kWh reduction, translating into an average of $4,000+ in savings per location per year. Management has the tools and resources they need to continue operating with maximum efficiency:

  • Sophisticated HVAC unit controls
  • Access to real-time data and reporting for ongoing insight into building operations
  • Additional operational savings through software analytics and GridPoint services

Why GridPoint:  Ampler turned to GridPoint for its reputation for past successes with similar franchises and its range of energy management solutions. Ampler needed to see operational improvements quickly and show investors quantifiable results. GridPoint’s services provided monthly savings and a platform for ongoing energy optimization.

Key Takeaways: Ampler’s management has a stronger balance sheet, more insight into facility operations, and a solution set to turn to as it acquires new restaurants in the future.

About GridPoint

GridPoint is a leader in building energy management and optimization technology. GridPoint’s intelligent energy network of buildings is driving grid modernization, decarbonizing commercial buildings, and accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy future.