This will serve as routing/logistics instructions when shipping your product to GridPoint, INC. These terms and conditions cannot be altered, changed, or deviated from without written consent from GridPoint. Deviations without prior approval from the Buyer, Logistics Department, or other authorized person will result in the issuance of chargebacks, which will be deducted from your invoice payment.

General Instructions

Cumulative Shipments weighing 1-149 lbs (weight of complete shipment, not each package), not requiring expedited service, are to be shipped via UPS Ground collect.  Please contact [email protected] for the appropriate UPS account number to use for your shipment.

In addition to GridPoint’s packaging and labeling requirements, all cartons must meet UPS Ground shipping requirements. Please visit UPS Packaging Guidelines if you have any questions.  For UPS customer service please call 1-800-742-5877.


For complete shipments 150 pounds and above, Routing will appear on GridPoint’s purchase orders in two ways:

Routing Instructions – specifying a carrier will appear on some purchase orders.

No Specific Routing Instructions Listed: The Traffic department must be emailed at: [email protected] for specific instructions

Routing requests from the vendor to GridPoint should include:

  •  Complete shipping facility name and address
  • PO Number
  • Type of load (parcel, pallet, floor load)
  • If palletized, whether product will double stack
  • Pieces, weight, and cube of the product (including pallet) and total weight and cube of entire shipment
  • Date the merchandise will be ready for pick up

Routing for Collect shipments requiring any “special handling” such as high cube, heavy haul, ventilated trailers, etc. should be verified with the logistics department regardless of the routing noted.


All GridPoint orders are considered “Shipper load and Count”

The Vendor is responsible to ensure the order is properly packed and loaded to prevent any transit damage and tampering. If blocking and bracing is required – this is to be done by the vendor or at the vendor’s expense. It is also the responsibility of the vendor to ensure, and accurate piece count of the load and the piece count must be clearly stated on the Bill of Lading. On shipments where vendors require driver count, vendor will be charged for associated costs.


All GridPoint Collect Shipments Require 2 Hours Free Time at Loading

Any detention charges incurred after the 2-hour free time will result in the issuance of chargebacks, which will be deducted from your invoice payment.


International Shipments

International shipments will be shipped per the terms of the purchase order. Shipments not controlled by GridPoint directed freight forwarders will require the documents listed below to be sent to the GridPoint Logistics Department upon booking. Documents will then be forwarded to clearing/brokerage agency for release upon arrival into US.

  • Packing Slip.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • AWB/BL.



Shipping / Arrival Dates

  • Collect shipments – Requested ship dates must be met
  • Prepaid shipments – Requested arrival dates must be met
  • The buyer and/or the logistics department should be advised of any deviations.
  • The vendor will be charged any additional freight charges incurred as a result of not adhering to the shipping/arrival dates.

Back Orders / Split Shipments

  • A GridPoint buyer, prior to shipping, must authorize any back order or split shipments.

Over Shipments, Unauthorized Substitutions, or Defective Goods

  • Shipments will be returned at the vendor’s expense.
  • The vendor will be charged inbound and return freight charges and be subject to a handling fee.


  • All load capacities should be based on maximum utilization of trailer space.
  • Loads on pallets need to be turned in the trailer to maximize space.
  • A vendor not utilizing maximum space available may be subject to any additional freight charges incurred.
  • GridPoint Logistics [email protected], prior to shipping, must authorize any floor-loaded LTL or Truckload shipments.
  • Vendor is responsible to inspect all merchandise prior to shipment to ensure quality, safety, and conformity. Vendor must ensure that the merchandise is properly packed and loaded to prevent transit damage and tampering. Vendor should utilize airbags or Styrofoam blocks to prevent load shift. Any refusals or issues resulting from failure to do the above will result in a charge back to the vendor for all associated costs to rework, deliver, or return the merchandise.

A diagram showing shipping instructions

Bill of Lading

Information Required:

  • GridPoint’s purchase order number
  • Description of product
  • GridPoint’s item number(s), as well as description(s) of product must appear together.
  • Actual scale weights
  • Complete origin address and destination address
  • Zip Codes
  • Accurate zip codes for both origin and destination must appear on the Bill of Lading.
  • Multiple Purchase Orders

All packages consigned to the same location should be consolidated on one Bill


Delivery to GridPoint Warehouses

All GridPoint Merchandise should be shipped on pallets. A GridPoint buyer must authorize all non-palletized shipments. Deliveries accepted Mon-Fri 8-5 EST


Trailer types that can be received at GridPoint warehouses:

  • Any trailer height Trailers must align with warehouse dock plate or Box Truck
  • Lift Gate – All trailers with a lift gate will be accepted
  • Moving Vans
  • Trailers with interior shelving

Pallet Specifications:

Shipments received on pallets not meeting GridPoint Specifications will be refused.

Pallets are required to be a Quality Pallet: GMA 40”x48” with 4-way entry.  The pallets should be dry, and clean with no broken or cracked wood. Vendors shipping on bad pallets are subject to charges for labor and materials to repalletize/rework/redeliver load.

  • Quality Pallet – pallets that meet our criteria (preferred 4-way entry/block style)
  • Stretch wrapped and/or tied to prevent movement.
  • Extend shrink wrap over pallet to hold the load to the pallet
  • No overhang or under hang of product on pallet.
  • Tie/High that maximizes pallet capacity.
  • Dry Loads: As close to but not more than 52” high, including pallet height*
  • Allows double stacking
  • Support Posts as needed to prevent box crushing are allowed
  • Top Cap/Sheet required to keep boxes contaminant-free

Any exceptions to these standards must be pre-authorized by GridPoint Logistics BEFORE shipping.


GridPoint Logistics Email: [email protected]

GridPoint Logistics Manager (Scott Graham) 540-855-7282