Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future by creating a network of smart, efficient, grid-interactive buildings.


We focus on providing innovative products and services that accelerate grid modernization, reduce grid stress, and help our customers evolve towards net-zero emissions


GridPoint minimizes energy waste across 15,000+ buildings. To-date we have saved customers over $440M in energy costs, reduced over 5.7B kWh, and eliminated over 5.3B lbs of CO2e


We take a broad approach to minimizing waste throughout our operations. We are a paperless organization with a strong recycle culture, and have evolved our products and packaging to simply use less


In 2019 GridPoint launched GridPoint Gives, a corporate program designed to give back to our communities through volunteering and donations to organization and charities that share our values


We believe it takes a village!
GridPoint engages our community of employees, customers, and partners to promote these core values in and out of the office