GridPoint Energy Management Services

GridPoint Energy Management Services are an integral part of our leading customers’ energy management programs and are used by their facility managers to ensure the efficient and intelligent deployment of capital. Our team of energy advisors includes highly trained data analysts that are dedicated to assisting our customers' achieve optimal facility performance and maximum savings.

You can be confident that our services are as well-rounded as the energy management software and hardware they support. Facility managers can improve and maintain energy efficiency and equipment performance, while maximizing operational savings and investment value.


Technical Support Services

Identify and resolve problems with GridPoint hardware and software, as well as with third-party equipment.



Control Services

Control lighting and HVAC systems across thousands of sites to ensure compliance with corporate energy and environmental control policies.



Energy Advisory Services

Proactive tracking, management and analysis of critical energy, and operational data on your behalf.



Identify savings opportunities

GridPoint Services makes the most out of your energy data by managing alarms, evaluating underperforming sites, and ensuring accurate utility billing.



Maximize staff efficiency

Competing priorities and resource constraints can make in-depth data analysis challenging.  GridPoint Services allows you to maintain focus on what’s important, while maximizing energy and operational savings.