Main Load
GridPoint Intelligence

Energy Metering

GridPoint Intelligence offers a full suite of asset monitoring, testing, and reporting across your entire energy profile. With detailed reports and tracking progress, you can measure energy usage down to the individual asset, a site, or across all your sites.

  • Main Load Metering
  • Asset Level Submetering
HVAC Monitoring and Setpoints
GridPoint Intelligence

Asset Monitoring

Monitor the performance and health of large appliances like HVACs remotely and use real-time data and trends to ensure equipment is functioning at peak performance, saving you money and time.

  • Equipment Performance Monitoring
  • Real-Time Diagnostics
  • Historical Data Trends
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GridPoint Intelligence

Asset Control

Use Asset Controls to set automated schedules and gain valuable insight into the health, energy consumption, and performance of your assets across your entire energy profile. With centralized controls, real-time monitoring, and reporting, you can save time and money by reducing unnecessary auditing and reporting while also improving operational efficiency.

  • Automated Asset Scheduling
  • Remote and Onsite Override Controls
  • Real-Time Alerts
Temperature and Door Sensors
GridPoint Intelligence

Energy Optimization

GridPoint’s platform leverages advanced controls and optimization tools for customer assets. Automatically adjust assets without needing in-person audits, track which devices are using the most energy, and limit energy consumption during peak system loads, all from a single pane of glass or remotely with our GridPoint mobile app.

  • Advanced Control Algorithms
  • Peak Demand Management
HVAC Setpoint Monitoring
GridPoint Intelligence

Automated Demand Response

GridPoint is the only automated demand response technology designed to elevate efficiency, reduce energy consumption, increase savings, and help businesses become more sustainable.

  • Emergency, Economic, and Ancillary Demand Response
  • Customized Curtailment Strategies

Ready to Get Started?

By integrating with existing building assets, GridPoint provides real-time visibility into energy consumption and performance data, allowing facility managers to make informed decisions about how to best optimize their buildings. Whether you’re looking to reduce energy costs, improve building performance, or extend asset lifecycle, GridPoint can help.

  • Get a free energy analysis: Our energy advisors will review your current energy output and make recommendations on where you can start reducing your energy usage.
  • Start a pilot program: Want to try GridPoint out? We offer a three-month pilot program.
  • Learn more about our packages: Get an out-of-the-box solution or something more customized to your site.