Group 1303

Energy Metering

Measure energy usage down to the individual asset, a site, or across all your sites.

  • Main Load Metering
  • Asset Level Submetering
Group 1308

Asset Monitoring

Remotely monitor the performance and health of large appliances like HVACs with real-time diagnostics and historical data trends.

  • Equipment Performance Monitoring
  • Real-Time Diagnostics
  • Historical Data Trends

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Group 1292

Asset Control

Set automated schedules and real-time alerts, and use remote and on-site override controls to reduce unnecessary auditing and reporting while lowering operating costs.

  • Automated Asset Scheduling
  • Remote and Onsite Override Controls
  • Real-Time Alerts
Group 644

Energy Optimization

Automatically adjust assets without needing in-person audits, track which devices are using the most energy, and limit energy consumption during peak system loads – all remotely with our GridPoint mobile app.

  • Advanced Control Algorithms
  • Peak Demand Management
Group 12942

Automated Demand Response

Avoid outages with a pre-designed response mechanism in case of emergency events (like weather), and get paid for playing an active role in grid stability.

  • Emergency, Economic, and Ancillary Demand Response
  • Customized Curtailment Strategies

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