Demand Response. Simplified.

Demand response programs enable your business to get paid for playing an active role in grid stability. Enrolling in demand response unlocks new revenue opportunities through grid services, reduces energy costs, eases grid stress, and supports the community.

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Avoid Outages and Help Stabilize the Grid

When a demand response event occurs, the program helps mitigate the impacts of weather or energy emergencies, providing:

  • A pre-designed response mechanism for immediate relief in emergency events
  • Continuity of business protocols
  • Grid resilience to prevent or reduce the severity of blackouts – supporting the local area and community

Get Paid to Use Less Energy

  • Creating custom energy load curtailment strategies for your business
  • Measurable reductions in energy usage
  • An ongoing energy management program with no or low upfront costs
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Stabilize the Grid for More Efficient Operations

Ancillary demand response helps stabilize the electricity system by:

  • Keeping the grid operating within its typical frequency range
  • Reducing overall demand
  • Helping businesses better manage energy need
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Meeting Your Sustainability Goals

Using operational flexibility to meet your sustainability goals by:

  • Reducing energy when the grid is at its dirtiest
  • Option to get paid or get the reduction certified as carbon offsets
  • Measurable reduction of carbon footprint

Earn Revenue and Improve Grid Reliability

At GridPoint, our goal is three-fold. We solve energy challenges for businesses, help utility companies improve grid performance, and work toward a greener future for everyone. That means we can proudly support energy-saving measures in commercial buildings that lead to cost savings and environmental benefits. Reducing energy usage means lower energy bills and opportunities to avoid things like peak demand charges. It also contributes to a more sustainable future, thanks to a closer focus on eliminating excessive and unnecessary energy use.

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Businesses that enroll in demand response programs benefit from a new, ongoing revenue stream.

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Low Site Impact

GridPoint offers customized load curtailment to minimize site impact and keep businesses fully operational.

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Opt-Out Guarantees

Businesses have the freedom to selectively opt-out, even when they’re enrolled in the program.

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Grid Stability

Demand response supports the grid - and the local community - when there’s excess energy use demand.

Walgreens and GridPoint: Leveraging Demand Response to Help Create Energy Resilient Communities

Demand Response Program

Through its partnership with GridPoint, Walgreens has reaped millions in savings, promoted grid resilience, and reduced its carbon footprint across 9,000+ locations.

Ready to get started?

Demand response programs unlock new revenue opportunities through grid services, reduce energy costs and ease grid stress. They support the community by reducing power consumption and carbon emissions.

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