Intelligent controls with GridPoint Energy Manager

Patented control algorithms communicate between our software platform, GridPoint Energy Manager, and onsite hardware to continuously adjust building efficiency. This includes automatically curtailing loads, transitioning equipment between unoccupied and occupied settings, and fine tuning site operations to optimize energy use without sacrificing comfort.

Smart Alarms

Multi-conditional alarms deliver important alerts about equipment outages, voltage imbalances, or unsafe temperature spikes so action can be taken quickly.

Reports and Analytics

Data aggregated in GridPoint Energy Manager is analyzed and visualized in easy to read reports, letting customers track goals, identify trends, and compare performance of individual or multiple sites.

HVAC Health & Testing

GridPoint Energy Manager provides automated HVAC monitoring, testing, and reporting across the network of buildings to identify, prioritize, and optimize maintenance as needed.

GridPoint Energy Manager Mobile

GridPoint's mobile app gives customers access to their data from anywhere to remotely troubleshoot, diagnose equipment issues, verify repairs, perform site overrides, or view energy usage.

Platform Extensions

Integrate and control smart assets, such as kitchen appliances, control systems (lighting, HVAC), and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) like onsite power generation or battery storage.

Experienced Service Teams

GridPoint's Customer Support team is available 24x7 to help with technical questions and our world class analytics team guides customers through energy saving opportunities and best practices proven to optimize performance.

Automated Demand Response


GridPoint bridges the gap between utilities, partners, and customers to make demand response simple. GridPoint’s full-service Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) combines automated demand response, asset-level load monitoring, and multi-site building controls to create load reduction in support of energy and sustainability goals. We enroll hundreds of new sites in our programs each year and are OpenADR (Open Automated Demand Response) certified.