The automated HVAC test for operation and performance.

Monitor HVAC Health & Performance. GridPoint’s automated HVAC Scope test tool is a new way to run diagnostic and performance tests on your HVAC units and leverage HVAC troubleshooting tools without lifting a finger. This tool eliminates the ambiguity of traditional, costly calendar-based maintenance by giving users visibility into unit performance to schedule maintenance and repairs conditionally as needed.

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Equipment Health Powered by GridPoint Mobile

GridPoint is constantly monitoring and analyzing your HVAC units to identify when they are not performing well. GridPoint Energy Manager Mobile 3.0 visualizes this information to show you a unit’s current health status as well as performance trends across all HVAC units over time.

  • Identify HVAC units with heating or cooling issues
  • Trend HVAC unit health data over time
  • View HVAC issues and their severity across your sites
  • Export issue details easily to share with key employees


An integrated building solution, intelligent algorithms, actionable insights, and automated demand response.

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